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Powder Ombre Brows

Do you want to have perfect powder ombre brows without the fuss? 


Drawing your eyebrows at least 15 minutes each day or could even take more if you got it all misaligned, is such a tedious task. 


And to think that you couldn’t get your eyebrows wet even though the brow cream you applied says it’s water-proof!


 Eyebrows are the most captivating part of our face next to our eyes. 


“I think an eyebrow can change the way you feel.  It changes everything about your confidence” ( Anastasia Soare, CEO Anastasia)


With these discomforts, permanent makeup has taken the spotlight.  Women or even men can now enjoy natural makeup without worrying about touch-ups! 


Perfect eyebrows are not just a dream anymore!  It’s a technique we know and you could enjoy.

powder ombre brows

What are Powder Brows?

Powder brows or Ombré brows, also known as ombre powder brows, is a fresh semi-permanent brow technique that fills in your brow making it look naturally thick.


You have heard of the microblading technique, right?  Microblading is also a semi-permanent cosmetic solution to thinning brows for it creates the illusion of hairs on your eyebrow.


Powder brows or Ombré brows on the other hand are great for people who already have thick hair on their eyebrows,  but just want to make their eyebrows more defined.  Powder brows take you away from the hassle of doing your eyebrows every day.


Ombre brows are also most suitable for those with oily skin.  This procedure is also for those looking for a soft powdered brow that is more fixed in color. 


The color seems to cast a shadow as the front part of the brow near to the nose is lighter and the end part-near the temple is darker.  Voila! Beautiful, natural-looking brows!

Before the Procedure

Our clients are the focus of all our services.  We give you the most special treatment there is.  Taking care of you includes orienting you on how to prepare for the procedure and how to heal fast days following the procedure.


For any permanent makeup appointment like Powder Brow, you must adhere to some preparation procedures:


No picking/tweezing/waxing in the week prior to the procedure

No tanning for two weeks prior

No facials or facial treatments two weeks prior

No botox three weeks prior

No fish oil or vitamin E one week prior

No alcohol one day prior or day of the procedure

No aspirin or ibuprofen

The Procedure

Planning the look

 After setting an appointment, and meeting with us, we will discuss the look you want to achieve, and we will also tell you what we think of it.  It’s up to you if you’ll consider our suggestions or yours.  After all, they’re your brows.

Your comfort at its best

We will give you a numbing cream or topical anesthetic. A topical anesthetic will make your brows feel numb during the process of depositing the pigment into your skin.  This cream will erase your worries of even feeling anything undesirable.  So, it will be comfort at its best!

Brow mapping

 Using an eyebrow mapping technique.  Your artist will carefully map the brow look you want for yourself.  This will give you a preview of what to expect after the procedure.

Discussing changes

You may try discussing with your artist in case you feel like changing the desired  look of the brows after finding out how they look after the  mapping.

Go for your color

We shall ask for the color that you prefer, but we will also tell you what we think and you totally have the option to accept or not.  We will tell you what compliments your skin.

Fill them in

After defining the final shape that you like, and the color you’ve chosen, we will then fill in the brows by using a machine, which gently injects pigment into the outer layers of the skin.


For the look that will give your brows the natural shades where the front is lighter than the rest of the brow, we have a technique that shall distribute shades of the color more at the end of the brow than the front.  This will make the front part of your brow lighter and the other end darker.


We make sure we apply the Ombré powder pigment on each layer, and that the colors are defined and look natural.

Naturally beautiful powder ombre brows

The colors are already set and now, it’s time for us to create the hair-like strokes at the front of the brow.  We use the machine to create the pixelated dots.  This process will take around 1.5-2 hours.  Your Ombré Powder Brows will now have that powdered look.

Aftercare Tips

We make sure your powder brows are well taken care of so we handle you with care from pre to post-procedure.


Day 1 after Initial Appointment

A cream barrier layer will be applied to your freshly semi-permanent makeup.  Just lightly dab any fluid with a cotton square if you need to.


3 Hours Post Initial Appointment: GENTLY cleanse brows with a saturated Witch Hazel pad or a mild antibacterial liquid or bar soap. Pat dry with a paper towel.


Weeping fluids (lymph) may occur during the first 24 hours. Be sure to gently blot brow areas with a soft cotton square to remove any buildup.


Day 2-14 After Initial Appointment

Repeat CLEANSING & MOISTURIZING STEPS from day 1 morning & night, but start applying a THIN layer of ointment 2-3 times between cleansing from 2 to 14 days. Ointment needs to be applied to DRY brows. If you can see the ointment you have applied TOO much.


Things to avoid after getting Powder Ombre Brows 



Be gentle with your ombre brows as much as possible, especially during the first 14 days or 2 weeks after the initial procedure.


 Your fast healing will depend on your ability to follow all the aftercare procedures.


If you scratch, rub, or pick, the semi-permanent makeup procedure you had will all be for nothing.  These things may totally ruin your ombré powder brows,  and may stop the healing process.


Remember that a few days following your procedure, you will have dark scabbing or flaking skin. Do not panic.  It is normal and a part of the process.


If you pull out scabs that haven’t healed yet, the pigment will go with it and you may need a third session at your own expense.  Meaning- it is not, be patient with the healing process.



Please don’t use harsh cleansers, creams, makeup, or any other products on your Ombré Powder Brows for 2 weeks. 



The chemicals from these products fade the powder brow.


 Makeup is OK around the brow area followed by very careful facial cleansing (use makeup wipes or washcloth).



Avoid getting them wet, no direct water on your face in the shower. Slightly leave the bathroom door open to avoid the “sauna effect”.



Avoid tanning or direct sun exposure for at least a month. Sun exposure is not needed when you’re trying to heal fast and more when you want it to last. It's never a good idea to make your semi-permanent makeup susceptible to a deep tan or sunburn as it will cause fading.



Avoid heavy sweating for at least two weeks, if possible during the healing process.



Avoid workouts for the first few days.. the salinity in your sweat is BAD for healing!


PARTICIPATE in intense workouts at your own risk, wearing a hat/headband to eliminate facial sweating.



Do not get any other treatments on the area such as botox, facials, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion for at least one month.



But be sure to avoid sleeping on your face for as long as possible. Sleep like the princess you are!


How much do ombre powder brows cost?

This great beauty enhancer ombre powder brows, without the fuss, generally cost $500 to $1000. In Shea Blades and Beauty this permanent makeup only costs $400.

Do Ombre powder brows fade completely?

Yes, it ages and fades well.  Powder brow procedure scattered powder into those hundreds of tiny dots, remember?  When it fades, it just gets lighter, and lighter with time.


They say that the longer time interval following your procedure to the healing process, the ombre powder brows just seem to look better, and natural on the skin.  It has that effect, looking good for a longer time.

How long do ombre powder brows last?

This type of semi-permanent makeup lasts two to three (2-3) years depending on the way you take care of it or your skin type. If you have an oily skin type

Who is not a good candidate for ombre brows?

If you have the following conditions, you must avoid the Ombre Powder Brows service and microblading  procedures or would have to consult a doctor first before you book an appointment:


Cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, epilepsy, bleeding disorders, viral infections, vitiligo, skin irritations, taking medications for blood thinning, major heart problems, pregnancy, having an organ transplant, and uncontrolled high blood pressure. 


If you have a tendency to have keloids you should not also have this permanent makeup procedure.  As well as those with allergies to makeup, colors or hair dye, and even those who had Botox within the past 4 weeks prior to the procedure.


There may be other conditions not mentioned here, so if you know you have pre-existing conditions it will be best to consult a doctor first.

What particular viral infections do not allow the procedure?

There have been several studies connecting viral diseases and tattooing.  Although eyebrow procedure is like tattooing in the way the pigment is deposited into the skin, it is not really like tattooing as lighter strokes are used.


However, it is worth noting that certain viruses like Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B infections are what our beauty clinic is very careful about.

How long does a touch-up last?

Depending on your skin type, how your skin absorbs pigment,  how dark you’re willing to go, and the quality of maintenance, your powdered brow may last you from 1 to 5 years.

What changes are noticeable after the procedure?

Besides having the perfect brows weeks after healing, you will notice that you have slightly red skin around your eyebrows. No cause to panic, as this would only be for a day.


You will notice within the next two weeks of your first treatment the color will fade and this will go on for the next 4 weeks to 6 weeks, as much as 50%.  Totally normal, and will give you time to see if you’re comfortable with the color and shape.


Then, a follow-up appointment will be within  6-12 weeks of the initial brow session, where we could discuss the shape and color changes you have experienced and if you’re comfortable with them or not.

How to set an appointment at Desert Ink Co

At Desert Ink Co, setting an appointment is as hassle-free as ever!

You may contact us at (602) 247 - 0695, so we can schedule a complimentary consultation thru phone or in-person.

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