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Microblading uses a small blade to implant pigment into the skin creating realistic hair strokes. 

Shading can be done in between the strokes to create dimension and more fullness. Best on DRY skin types. Lasts 1-3 years.



Powder/Ombre Brows

A tattoo machine is used to implant pixelated pigment into the skin, mimicking a natural makeup look. Good for ALL skin types. Lasts 2-3 years.



Lip Blushing

A tattoo machine is used to lightly implant pigment into the skin giving the lips a natural lip stain effect. 


microblading touch up

6-8 Week Touch Up (All)

At the touch up any imperfections or changes to shape and color can be addressed and corrected. 



Henna Brow

This henna/stain hybrid will not only tint your brow hairs but will also stain the skin. Great for those who have previous permanent makeup but are not quite ready for a touch up. Also great for those thinking about getting powder brows but want to see how it will look first!


microblading touch up Gilbert AZ

8+ Week Touch Ups (All)

Any touch-up after the initial will be considered an 8+ week touch-up. Make sure eyebrows are faded at least 60% before making your yearly appointment. 


Facetune_28-07-2022-15-37-46 (1).jpeg

Tiny  Tattoos $50+

Flash designs start at $50. Custom designs start at $75.

emergency permanent makeup removal service, microblading tattoo removal, lip blush removal service Gilbert AZ


Have you received a recent PMU service and are not happy with the results? Removal must be done within 48 hours for optimal results. 


Removal Session-Healed PMU


Removal Session-SMP, camouflaged skin or tattoo removal. 


No problem! We are here to help. Give us a call or check out the FAQ page for more information.


**A $50 Dollar Deposit is Needed to Secure an Appointment**

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