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Want Girly Pretty Hand Tattoos and More?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

girly pretty hand tattoos

Have you seen American Model and John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen's dots hand tattoo? Or perhaps Ariana Grande's multiple tattoos on both hands and her palms? And now you are looking for the best tattoo artist to give you the best girly pretty hand tattoos like these celebrities? DesertInk Co is the answer!

Do you know that at DesertInk Co, you can have your dream girly hand tattoo for $50 (small tattoos) and custom small tattoos for $75?

The best place to put a tattoo on a woman according to tattoo artists

flower tattoo on hand

Ancient tattoo artists believed that there were meanings to why women were known for tattooing their fingers with dainty dots and shapes or their palms with symbolic designs that had something to do with cultural ideologies.

Some also used body art to express their belief in the afterlife. And still, these days, one culture starts merging with another, creating cross-cultural traditions.

There is no best part, but it’s how confident you are with your skin. Being beautiful has nothing to do with your clothing but how you carry it.

10 Most Common Hand Tattoos for Girls

For girls and women, creativity never stops. And what type of tattoo to put on their hands? Indeed it is one of the proofs of this channel of expression.

One’s pain level is also considered aside from the art and meaning.

Heart Tattoo

hear tattoo

Simple, feminine, and full of emotions, heart tattoos are a hit with women. This tattoo is a great choice if you want a simple yet elegant design. Imagine having the most potent feeling embedded in your skin. Wow!

A heart tattoo will show your passionate and compassionate side in the most subtle heat tattoo design.

Sunflower Tattoo

Most women these days are growing fond of a sunflower tattoo. They want to ink their skin with something that reminds them that life is like sunshine and pain in one.

These flowers signify faith, adoration, and longevity. It reminds one to turn over the brighter beams of the sun no matter how dark life may seem at times.

Butterfly Tattoo

This symbolizes freedom and transformation, so women style their tattoos with butterfly ideas of different sizes and colors.

Dream Catcher Tattoo

According to traditions, dream catchers were woven by mothers and grandmothers, which could be why many women feel connected to this symbol.

It symbolizes protection and safety from any possible harm. This tattoo could especially be meaningful to those with Native American ancestry.

Elephant Tattoo

Modern-day women are becoming fond of animal tattoos. Nowadays, elephant tattoos have been traded. Elephants represent prosperity, good luck, longevity, and even wisdom.

Anchor Tattoo

anchor tattoo on hand

This tattoo may seem a masculine symbol, but even girls love this design for its simplicity yet deep meaning. An anchor tattoo is a sign of safety after a long journey.

Cat Tattoo

Love cats?

cat hand tattoo

Since cats are said to have nine lives, the cat tattoo is a sign of resurrection and could even figuratively mean being a survivor.

Girls like this tattoo for its fun theme and many meanings across cultures.

Quote Tattoo

quote tattoo

A bit of pain is worth a quote tattoo as an excellent choice. The style is simple, yet it is a powerful reminder and expresses your thoughts or maybe what inspires you.

Skulls Tattoo

The skull's tattoo symbolizes rebellion and rebirth. According to some, it also reminds them to live every day as if it's their last.

Stick and Poke a Cat Tattoo

This tattoo is an unconventional way of keeping your inner crazy cat lady destiny a secret.

What is the best first tattoo for a girl?

If it is your first time having your body inked, a small tattoo is best for you. It won’t give you a bigger regret in the end. Besides being small and dainty, it may be hidden when you want to.

Wrist Tattoo

wrist tattoo

Although many women say that a tattoo on the wrist is one of the most painful experiences they have with tattooing, it is not less popular.

Tattoos on the wrist could range from simple, cute ones that you can easily cover to bold tattoo ideas that even your long sleeves may have difficulty hiding.

Anyway, be bold, be you!

Meaningful tattoo

These tattoos reflect one’s motto, a song lyric, the name of a particular person, and more. Small and simple, they can attract others.

Words written may mean so much to others as well. Meaningful tattoos are best placed on the hand or inner wrist.

So, if your pain level is high, getting a tattoo with an intricate design is something you are open to.

Cute small tattoo

Cute designs, you want? The young and the young at heart will find cute tattoos that reflect their interests. Adorable animals like turtles, puppies, and pandas are hit choices. You may also like cute cartoon characters that will undoubtedly give you an extra cutie look.

small animal tattoo

Why is this type of tattoo such a hit? Well, that’s because delicate body art seems more elegant than full sleeves or oversized pieces.

Small simple tattoo

Small Simple Tattoo or micro tattoos are popular these days. It’s the perfect tattoo for those who are first-timers, as everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Some sport a simple tattoo design but are nevertheless as attractive as the others, like tiny hearts, flowers, doves, and many more.

Where do tattoos hurt the most for a female?


Although many say that getting a tattoo on the wrist is one of the most painful experiences you can have with tattooing, it is not less popular.

It’s also a good spot for women who are not yet open to showing the public too much body inking. These tattoos are easy to cover. This is an excellent option for those who prefer to keep it subtle.

Have you seen Victoria Beckham’s and Jessica Alba’s tattoos?

Upper Shoulder

This is one of the most attractive places for a girl’s tattoo and another most painful place. The shoulder bone makes it more vulnerable to pain.

The upper shoulder is an excellent choice if you want a script tattoo.

Neck Tattoo

This part of the body is the most fragile location near the spine. The nape of the neck is a popular tattoo spot for women who like daring designs.

The nape of your neck is another great place that your hair or clothes can easily hide.

Where do tattoos hurt the least for a female?

Behind the ear

There are just a few nerve endings behind the ear, making it one of the minor painful spots to have a tattoo.

This type of tattoo won't be visible with your hair down. That's why you need an up-do that will surely give you that added appeal when you want to show it off. Smaller tattoos are the perfect choice for this spot.

Ear tattoos look delicate and dainty due to their cuteness, making them a great spot to get tattooed.

Inner Arm

You can show this off as it will be visible all the time.

inner arm tattoo

The inner arm is where larger tattoos are usually put as they are stunning and feminine to look at. This body part has more cushion so it won’t hurt as much as other areas.

Ankle tattoo

One of the least painful tattoos to get is the one on the ankle. Aside from the hand, the ankle is also the most feminine place to get a tattoo, but it will not stand out as the other tattoos on the other parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a hand tattoo symbolize?

To some, it doesn't necessarily mean anything but only a style choice.

But the different hands can have significance for people who know something about symbols and signs.

family is infinity tattoo
family and infinity symbol tattoo

The right-hand body art signifies dominance, logic, mercy, and the sun's power. At the same time, the left represents emotions, justice, and the moon's power.

What tattoo signifies strength?

If you want your tattoo to symbolize strength, search for The Hamsa (The Healing Hand)a, The Lotus, The Eye of Horus (The Great Protector), and The Cross.


Your skin is what is visible to others. The beauty that you flaunt will be something very personal to you.

At DesertInk Co in Gilbert Arizona, the best girly hand tattoos you’re searching for to represent you will not just be ideas. Any part you consider the best part to have you tattooed will be beautiful.

We at DeserInk Co will be as bright as the art you’ve wanted.

Pay us a Visit

Erin, the owner, and permanent makeup artist, does microblading and lip blushing and now also offers small tattoos for $50 and custom tattoos at $75.

We will be happy to assist you and help you decide what’s the best design to ink onto a girl or woman like you.

If we can make the perfect eyebrows with the exceptional process, what hand tattoo will be hard to do?

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